More about Suzuki and Viewpoints training

“I can say without hesitation that the Viewpoints Intensive was the high-point of our work as an ensemble last season. Not only did it reinforce our belief in the ensemble as the driving force of the organization, it also let us play together, learn from each other and embrace risk as a core component of our work”

-Scott Yarbrough, Artistic Director, Third Rail Rep.



The Suzuki Method is a rigorous physical and vocal discipline for performers, created by renowned theater artist Tadashi Suzuki and his company. The method is designed to regain the perceptive abilities and powers of the body/voice instrument. Drawing on a unique combination of traditional and innovative forms, the training strives to restore the wholeness of the body as a tool of theatrical expression.



The Viewpoints is a performance language that articulates specific elements of time and space and emboldens practitioners to generate strong theatrical work spontaneously and intuitively. Whether you aim to build an ensemble, expand possibilities in rehearsal or create the next great American play, the Viewpoints will advance the quality and range of your work.


“PETE’s instructors were fabulous. They created an environment that quickly engaged us, got students invested in their process, and kept them coming back –for the entire intensive workshop.”

-Catherine Duffly, Professor of Theatre, Reed College