Ways to support PETE:


Our bold new works of performance would not be possible without the support of individual donations. Please consider joining our team of supporters. You can make a single or recurring donation, and any donation of $250 or more makes you a part of The Edge Society.

Click HERE to donate now.

Happily, PETE is now a participating member in the Oregon Cultural Trust’s tax-credit program. This means that if you donate to PETE, you can give a matching donation to the OCT and get the entire amount back as a tax credit- allowing you to support the arts in Oregon for free. More info on the program HERE.

You can also donate stock by clicking below:
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Also consider doing your online shopping through Amazon Smile and make PETE the non-profit you support.


Any donation of $10 or more makes you a supporting member of Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble. You will be listed and thanked in our programs and offered special opportunities throughout the year. Our membership levels are:

  • $10+ PETE’s Collaborative SPIRIT – Small contributions secure PETE’s well-utilized rehearsal space.
  • $250+ PETE’s Creative MIND – Plant new creative seeds and enjoy the harvest with PETE. (Plus enjoy all the benefits of The Edge Society: New Wave)
  • $500+ PETE’s HANDS: Help PETE with the practical, day to day needs of running a company.
  • $750+ PETE’s FEET: Carry PETE out into the world – touring shows and teaching.
  • $1,000+ PETE’s VOICE: Sing with PETE to draw audiences to the work. (Plus enjoy all the benefits of The Edge Society: Leading Edge)
  • $5,000+ PETE’s BREATH: Be the vitality that produces PETE’s work.
  • $10,000+ PETE’s HEART: Supply the blood to PETE by supporting the artists.

To become a member online click HERE.

For more information or to use another form of payment, please email


We rely on our amazing volunteers for help. To find out how you can help, please email