Ways to support PETE:

Our bold new works of performance would not be possible without the support of individual donations. Please consider joining our team of supporters.



Any donation of $250 or more makes you a member of our CSA (Community Supported Art) program. Benefits of the CSA include two free tickets to all PETE shows for one full year.

Happily, PETE is now a participating member in the Oregon Cultural Trust’s tax-credit program. This means that if you donate to PETE, you can give a matching donation to the OCT and get the entire amount back as a tax credit- allowing you to support the arts in Oregon for free. More info on the program HERE.

You can also donate stock by clicking below:
Donate Stock To Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble

Consider doing your online shopping through Amazon Smile and make PETE the non-profit you support.

For more information on donating to PETE, including show sponsorship opportunities, please email