Instructions & Events: Writing for Experimental Performance

Instructions & Events: Writing for Experimental Performance, with Robert Quillen Camp, is an intensive workshop for performance creators of all backgrounds and all levels of experience. The emphasis is on developing modes of thinking, creating, and writing that complement embodied theater creation techniques (e.g. Viewpoints, LeCoq, etc.) but no previous performance training is required.



We will think through what writing for performance means from the ground up, starting not with plays and playwrights, but with happenings, conceptual artists and Fluxus performers, establishing fundamentals that apply across aesthetic approaches. During this workshop we will make a lot of new work and think through dramaturgies and methods of revision for devised performance. Most of all, this workshop will provide a toolbox of prompts, strategies, and joyful stimuli for working on all kinds of performance projects — including traditional playscripts – at any stage in the writing process, from inception to revision.

Robert Quillen Camp has written many experimental performance works, including the Obie Award winning Chekhov Lizardbrain, a collaboration with Pig Iron Theatre Company. His work has toured nationally and internationally and been published in a wide variety of literary journals and anthologies. He has taught playwriting and performance theory at Brown University, Lewis and Clark College, and the University of California at Santa Barbara. Upcoming work includes: The Deception Unit (PETE, Portland, OR, 2018-2019), How To Learn (JACK, Brooklyn, 2018) and Franklin’s Key, commissioned by the Kimmel Center for Summer 2020.